Maybe I haven’t made your favourite Scarlatti sonata yet ?

I will be happy to do that!
All you need to do is making a donation to my channel and write the K number in the comment field. I will then select a piano recording, combine it with the score and upload the video.

You can donate with this link to paypal (my name is Niels Brandt):

For your reference, below is the playlist with all my Scarlatti videos.
In some cases I have made two videos with the same sonata.
These “duplicates” are listet in the bottom of the playlist.

If you have any questions, you can reach me at mail(at) !

About Domenico Scarlatti:

He was born in Italy but spent the bulk of his career in Portugal and Spain. Today he is mostly know from his more than 500 short keyboard pieces named sonatas. Most are single movements, normally in two sections. Scarlatti triumphed over the heavy Baroque style with his characterful themes, natural cantabile melodies, and dance-like movements. He is certainly one of music history’s great keyboard composers, and an early keyboard virtuoso as well.